Shawn Garrett

Wow! Another page view. Let me put that in my journal.

Another fantastic contribution to the Internet.

I sit on the train for an hour every morning and hop off to only stand on the escalator because people are too lazy to walk up the 12 steps. Welcome to NYC.

New Photo From Kurt Cobain Suicide Released by Seattle Police

New Photo From Kurt Cobain Suicide Released by Seattle Police

A visit to Taco Bell

A man that looked like he just ran out of a corn maze was asking the Taco Bell employee what that white stuff was in the burrito. “That’s rice,” the confused employee said. “Well, I don’t want any of that bullshit,” said the weirdo.

The man orders his rice-less burrito and waits for a few minutes to get his order. He sits down, unwraps it and takes a big bite. “I don’t think no president has ever had food this good,” he said. He then wanted clarification, from no one in particular, if there was ever a president named Ernest.

"Where’s your napkins? I’m going to need all your napkins," he says, as sour cream has found it’s way onto his sweatshirt. I had enough at that point and fled.

Ooh, an update!

I took a moment to update my tumblr page. It’s very nice, I think. For those that requested it (and that would be no one), look for more words from me in the future. Longer than 140 characters, but still short and sweet. Thanks for reading.